Aware IM Optimizer

Analyze, review and fix errors before releasing application to the customers.

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Alpha version

AwareIM Optimizer 0.9.5

February, 2020

Alpha version is ready for developer's feedback on features and overall usability of the tool.

Download, run AwareIM Optimizer and import XML export of the application.

Any questions, suggestions or general feedback is welcome.

Please contact me at: or connect with me on Skype: tilenkordis.

Clean up Aware IM application

Let Aware IM Optimizer analyze application, and find all items that are not referenced or used within application.

Simple select and remove unused items.

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In-depth analysis

Structure view shows detailed usage and other information about each item.

Summarized view of important details

Access the list of all items, summarized for better review and analysis.

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Spellcheck Error messages and Tooltips

Fix spelling mistakes for User Error messages and Tooltips.

Review usage of CSS classes

Access the list of all items, summarized for better review and analysis.

Find which CSS classes are invalid (don't exist in css files).

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Find issues and potential bugs

A list of Warnings as potential issue and bug is generated.

Fixed paths - Fixed (hard-coded) path for icons should be avoided and relative path is advisable.

Disabled rules - Review if disabled rule should actually be enabled and it was disabled for testing purpose.

Quick intro video

4m:14s introduction video:     AwareIMOptimizer-intro.mp4

Download AwareIM Optimizer

Aware IM Optimizer version 0.9.5
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Ocean Software Solutions is a software development company and AwareIM Optimizer is our newest solution
available for software developers using Aware IM for their applications.

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